Heightened Euphoria

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euphoriasingle e1331212445537Oh now THIS is what we’ve been waiting for!

Apologies Warner Sweden – we know you’ve forked out for some official remixes of Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’. And they’re good, they really are. But this new unofficial remix created by a chap who calls himself Matt Pop, really does blow all other remixes we’ve heard of the song, totally out of the water!

It’s probably because he hasn’t really done that much to the already flawless original. Rather, he’s chopped it up a bit and created an extended version. Because let’s face it – for a song as amazing as ‘Euphoria’, three minutes just isn’t enough. This is extremely poppers worthy, so fetch the amyl. In particular, get it ready for the strings at 1:16, and for when the music cuts off and returns triumphant at 4:46. We died a little.

Warner, Warner, Warner – please don’t be dicks and go pulling this off YouTube. That would be silly. You’ve got a song that’s becoming universally loved by every pop fan that encounters it day by day, and it’s climbing the iTunes charts all over Europe without much effort from your good selves. And this version only serves to accentuate said ‘Euphoria’ – and what G:son and Boström have created. So let’s not do anything hasty in the heat of the moment. Just listen to this, breathe, and enjoy;

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