Hearts Aired…

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saade vol1 2011 14466170 frntlToday’s a big day for Eric Saade. First and foremost, his new album ‘Saade Vol.1’ is released this morning in Scandinavia (and Bengans record store will ship worldwide if you can’t wait for it to be released in your own country!).

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks previewing the album, new track by new track, and you can have a listen to all of them here. As for the other songs, well you’ll already have known them, as they were the record’s lead singles. ‘Still Loving It’ from the start of the year, and ‘Popular’, of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fame and absolute notoriety. All in all, we absolutely love the album. It’s a great pop record – all we wanted from him. And judging by comments left under the previews, and other bits we’ve read online, his fans are massively impressed by what they hear too – JOB DONE! As an added bonus though, one of the biggest and most respected music websites in the pop world, popjustice.com, made one of the tracks (‘Killed By A Cop’) their Song Of The Day yesterday – which, like we say, is just a nice bonus.

As well as the aforementioned ‘Still Loving It’ and ‘Popular’ singles though, there’s also his current hit, ‘Hearts In The Air’, and that’s the second reason why today’s a big day for Eric – it’s the arrival of his new SWISH pop video for it! Aftonbladet premiered it on their website this morning, and you can have a look at it below. It’s private jet, flashy car, and exclusive location-TASTIC!

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