Danny & Emely

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683980pze5Danny has done the honourable thing and is pushing forward with a third single from his second album ‘Set Your Body Free’. It would have been easy to abandon the project in favour of spending the summer with his side project – the boyband EMD. They’ve got a place in this weekend’s Melodifestivalen grand final, and their song ‘Baby Goodbye’ is selling more than most of their competitors on iTunes. And a special edition re-release of their album is also planned next month.

But thankfully, he obviously sees what we see in his solo album – a cracking great pop masterpiece that deserves every last bit of commercial success squeezed out of it until it’s a dry old post menopausal classic! It was our favourite album of last year – every track on there is brilliant and worthy of being a single. And what’s the song he’s chosen as being the third single? It’s ‘Emely’! We love ‘Emely’ and its intro that’s a pastiche of ‘Just Can’t Help It’ by The Attic! It’s enchanting, it’s got a key change, and it’s probably the closest his new album comes to sounding like his previous LP. Many people would call this trading on past glories – we call it knowing that your sound is effing great and so just sticking to it!

‘Emely’ follows on from the album’s lead single ‘Radio’ which reached number one, and ‘All On You’ (which was produced by The Attic) which went top 20 and has been bobbing around the chart for the last month or so.

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