Mina Vänner: ‘Ingen Som’

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So anyway, there’s this cracking new pop tune out at the moment by two young Swedish boys who go by the name of Mina Vänner. ‘Tis called ‘Ingen Som’ and it’s a heartily enjoyable romp that crosses 80’s pop electronica with 80’s pop funk. Musically, it sounds like it could be the backing track to a Madonna or Michael Jackson song, and over the top of that, the boys provide a vocal which manages to come across as though it’s being sung with simultaneously both a concentrated effort, and a non-chalant delivery. It’s clever, and while it’s not exactly very similar to a lot of the stuff we normally write about on here, it IS a lot catchier than you first realise. And that always gets our vote.

They’ve also filmed a video for it. HOWEVER, it is our humble recommendation that you actually don’t watch the video the first time you listen to the song. Why? Because it’s too distracting. It’s very good, and some of it is filmed around one our favourite areas of Stockholm, Långholmen, but perhaps it’s a little too good for its own…erm…good. There’s a lot going on, and it sort of takes away from the music – demoting it to background music almost, which really shouldn’t be the case with pop videos.We’d instead suggest that you listen only to the audio first, and then return to visit the video later.

Although maybe that just says more about how easily distracted we are by the sight of Swedish fellows running naked into open air water, without a care in the world or a scrap of clothing to protect their modesty. Maybe you won’t be distracted from the music in the slightest……

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