Swedish stadium glam cock-rockers H.E.A.T. are back with a new single – their first with former Idol winner Erik Grönwall as their lead singer.

Rock is obviously not our forte. But when it’s injected with enough cheese, created with such a strong melody, and fronted by such an adorable chap – well, we take an interest.

Erik has actually been in the band for around a year now, and has been touring with them. But this is the first bit of music they’ve released. The new line-up was widely rumoured and expected to be taking part in this year’s Melodifestivalen – but it didn’t come to be. Based on the strength of ‘Living On The Run’ – that’s actually quite a shame.

What’s become of us of late?! Last week it was Dead By April that we were uncharacteristically moved by, and now it’s THIS;

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