Sisse Marie: ‘Black Cat’ (Version Y)

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One of our favourite Danish singers Sisse Marie has this week unveiled a brand new track, which is both a change in sound and a change in tempo for her. The dancepop singer released the video for ‘Black Cat’ (Version Y). It’s a ballad, for which an up-tempo version will also be released in the near future (which she’s calling Version X).

For ‘Black Cat’ Version Y, she goes all Lana Del Rey on us. The vocals and the production are given a stylish retro sheen, and it’s all film soundtrack glamour, with a sexy yet chilling delivery. The dreamy middle eight is to die for. And to kill for too, while it’s at it. Perhaps the most surprising element though is after that middle eight, where we hear a warped dubstep breakdown. Surprising not just in the context of the song, but also because we had assumed that particular element of popular song was all but dead and buried. Well it seems like Sisse Marie has dug it up for one last necrophilic slow fuck.

The song will be available on her forthcoming new EP, along with the aforementioned ‘Version X’ (and hopefully quite a few more songs). Here though, you can watch the video. She’s calling it a tribute to Nancy Sinatra’s iconic television performance of ‘Bang Bang’.


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