Gravitonas: The Hypnosis EP

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In exactly one week’s time, Gravitonas will release their first ever EP all over the world. A four track affair including their new single ‘Religious’. And here’s our track by track review!

You can read our in depth look at this amazing song here. And we love it even more since writing that!

Realm Of The Senses
This is totally different to anything we were expecting from Gravitonas. Either before or after hearing their first two singles. It’s only really from the middle eight onwards that it starts to sound like the same group that made ‘Kites’ and ‘Religious’. That’s where the strong strings start, the haunting piano melodies, and the theatrics, dramatics and atmospherics. Before that, it’s a jovial pop song with (comparatively) simple instrumentation. It’s a good pop song at that though. The chorus is catchy and is backed with an adorable burst of synchronised strings. It’s all harmonised beautifully too. Hmmm, it’s an interesting one. A song that we would have expected to be a great album closer, not track 2 of their first EP. But at the same time, it’s the perfect way to ground you after the chemical highs of the first two singles, so perhaps this is the perfect place for it after all.

Fans should already be aware of this, as a live performance has been on youtube for a few months now. But of course it’s much more exciting to hear it in its studio form. It’s without a doubt the rockiest we’ve heard Gravitonas get so far. The guitars in the chorus are HARD. Said chorus has an aggression about it, juxtaposed wonderfully by the verses – which are more threatening than anything else, but potentially all the more evil because of it! And it’s a juxtaposition that has probably been noticed by the band themselves, as the last chorus is played out with the first verse thrown in again as a backing vocal. Perhaps the most striking part of the song though, is the middle eight which comes in two parts and is practically lullaby-esque. Well, a lullaby written for Damian from The Omen anyway.

Live Wire
Another venture into a rock opera. ‘Live Wire’ perhaps takes after its name and is an electric orgy. Darkly electro with a downbeat guitar. We get two verses and a ‘’da-da-da-da’’ vocal hook before we hear the first chorus. And it’s a really pop, synth heavy chorus, but with morbidly distorted vocals to readdress the balance. Lyrically it’s one of our favourites. Andreas reflects on what sounds like a well worn routine of nightlife. Going out to a club on a Friday night, picking up a fabulously loose lady, and taking her back to his. The most genius moment of the song we think, is when Andreas delivers a line about getting stoned, and its accompanied by an utterly spin chilling and drawn out exhalation from (whom we’re guessing is) Alexander. It’s sinister and it’s strange – so it’s that sound that perhaps epitomises this whole EP!

We’re looking forward to living very closely with this over the coming months.

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