Gravitonas & Roma Kenga – everybody dancing some more…

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roma kenga

Last week we wrote about a new Gravitonas single, a collaboration with Russian popstar, Roma Kenga (pictured above). The song is called ‘Everybody Dance’, it’s being released in Russia first, and as we already wrote in some detail – we like it a lot!

Well now you can listen to four edits of the song. In total we have the Gravitonas Radio Edit (the version produced by Gravitonas), the Roma Kenga Radio Edit (produced by Roma), and the Adam Rickfors club and radio remixes (by Adam Rickfors obviously!). The Roma Kenga edit is the version that we posted last week, and at the moment is still our favourite of the three productions. The Gravitonas edit is still something quite almighty, but a lot more dance orientated and losing some of the absolute mentalness of the version that we fell in love with last week. Although there’s an utterly bonkers middle eight section that we’re liking a lot. And then the Adam Rickfors is something a little more club heavy. For da clubz.

You can listen to all four edits of the ‘Everybody Dance’ here.

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