Le Kid: ‘We Should Go Home Together’

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And now here is the brand new single and its brand new video, from one of THE most exciting acts to come out of Scandinavia in a very long time.

However, it’s not just a new single. The below clip should be watched and listened to as so much more than that. What you’re hearing is a fantastic piece of uplifting poppage. Joy in the form of a chorus, and happiness taking the guise of a tune. We first heard ‘We Should Go Home Together’ by Le Kid, when we saw them perform it at Stockholm Pride in July. That was a treat in itself, but hearing the studio version has totally cemented its greatness in our minds. Of the singles, demos, and leaked tracks that we’ve heard, it’s been a 100% success rate so far. Can you IMAGINE the album they’re gonna release?!

The single is out in Sweden on September 27th. And we’re hoping for a remix package as flawless as the one they blessed us with for ‘Mercy Mercy’. UK fans shouldn’t have to wait too long either, as they’ve been signed to 3Beat Records (UK home of Agnes) and with a planned release date of early 2011 for the album.

And as for the video….Well, it’s nautical, it’s naughty, they’ve got sailors in white pants, and a merman. Plus each of the five Les Kids (as they’ve christened themselves) look and sound great. WE LOVE THEM! But not as much as the sailor with the moustache and quiff – oh my!

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