Gravitonas: ‘Fun & Games’, and Neo: ‘New Star’

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Yesterday on our twitter, we announced the release of a brand new album featuring a cacophony of different artists who have each submitted a brand new track especially for the record – ‘Ballroom Remixed’. They’re all original songs that have been composed especially to be used as ballroom dancing music. Four songwriters involved in the project wrote every song on the album, and asked some of their favourite artists to record them. And the result is finished and will be released worldwide on iTunes on May 24th.

For full details of the album, you can read more about it on the website here, or read an infectiously enthusiastic write-up about it over at the MyFizzyPop website.

What got us interested though, of course, was the involvement of two of our favourite scandipopstars – Gravitonas and Neo. Both have provided vocal duties on songs composed by Ricardo Autobahn, Richard Hymas, and Charlie Mason. And what’s got us even more interested is that they’ve given the exclusive right to stream clips of the two songs ahead of their release!

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The Gravitonas track is called ‘Fun & Games’. Completely different from the Gravitonas you already know and love, since there are different songwriters and producers involved. But still with Andreas Öhrn’s distinctive trilling. ‘Tis a mid-tempo track spliced with guitar and a wistful vocal from Andreas.

[audio:|titles=Fun & Games (1’11” spliced mix)]

And then the Neo song is a bit more like what you’d expect from Neo, from his first album anyway. It’s a disco romp, heavy on the synths and with a falsetto vocalled chorus. The lyrical theme isn’t a million miles away from ‘Human Frontier’ either.

[audio:|titles=New Star (1’05” edit)]

And there we have it –  a couple of scandipopstars with two brand new tracks that we didn’t even know existed only a couple of days ago! Wonderful.

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