Gravitonas: ‘Call Your Name’

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New music is impending from Gravitonas. A new EP will be released in March, along with two singles according to Alexander Bard – a rock ballad, and a dance track.

The dance song has already reared its head over the weekend, courtesy of Russian radio station Moskva FM. It’s ‘Call Your Name’ – a bang up-to-date club banger. It sounds like Gravitonas creating their own spin on the sound of dance music right now. You can almost imagine them listening to everything that’s around at the moment, and tasking themselves with the amusing challenge of coming up with a Gravitonian stamped answer to it all. Or maybe they just wanted to make something to dance to.

Here’s a radio rip of ‘Call Your Name’ streaming. Alexander has said that it’s a shorter edit of the full single version which will come later.

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