His new single? Absolut! Released today, it’s ‘Tycker Att Du Saknas’ by Anton Ewald.
What’s it like? A bombastic r&b pop track with an intrusively big beat and with that an intrusively catchy chorus. He’s really found a style of music that suits not just him as an artist, but which showcases his vocal so much better than his earlier stuff. The voice we heard on ‘Begging’ is unrecognisable from the confident vocal we have oozing out over this.
More from Anton? ‘Tycker Att Du Saknas’ heralds a re-release of Anton’s ‘Studio 18’ EP, featuring that and two other new tracks. You can listen to the full thing on Spotify. The other two new tracks showcase a discofunk sound on one, and a harder r&b edge on the other. Despite also being big fans of his earlier hits, we love his new stuff in a different but equally enthusiastic way. And we think it’s borderline criminal just how underrated Anton and his progression as an artist is on the Swedish pop scene right now. He’s quietly becoming more and more awesome with each release.


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