Ola: ‘I’m In Love’ – the video!

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Mr Ola has today premiered the video for his summer 2012 single, ‘I’m In Love’.

It’s SUPER weird, but SUPER stylish. If anything, it serves to further cement the notion that Ola really isn’t your regular pop star anymore. For one, this is certainly a video that you can’t imagine Saade or Saucedo ever making. Or even Timberlake for that matter. Oliniho is going his own way in pop, also as showcased by the people he’s recently been working with on new music. When he went independent, he REALLY went independent.

This impending album is clearly going to be very interesting. We can’t wait!

Here’s what we wrote about the song when it was released a couple of months back. And here’s the video;

I'm in Love - Single - Ola

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