Getty Domein: ‘Echo’

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bra getty1The ALMIGHTY Getty Domein is back with a brand new single for summer 2011. And he’s even specifically gone to the trouble of making it sound as summer-tastic (sorry for making up that word, but, you know) as possible, given the time of year we’re in. And we appreciate stuff like that.

You’ll remember Getty from Melodifestivalen 2010 when his Wes ‘Alane’ inspired anthem for a new generation, ‘Yeba’ competed in a veritable heat of death alongside Darin, Alcazar, Elin Lanto, Erik Linder, and Timoteij’s equally ethnic ‘Kom’. And if you don’t remember it, then you really should investigate.

He’s been a trifle quiet since then, but now we know why – it’s because he was hard at work crafting this absolute stomper of a track – ‘Echo’. It’s early days yet, but this might even be better than ‘Yeba’ (we know, WE KNOW!). It’s like a cross between his hit of yesteryear and Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’. In fact, if Taio Cruz had actually recorded this, you can bet your bottom kronor that it would be a worldwide smash. Let’s hope the globe is just as susceptible to Getty, eh?……..

That lady you hear in the first verse of Crazyeria – aka Evelina Sewerin from Swedish Idol 2007.

This is ‘Echo’, everyone. And what a pleasing ECHO it makes!

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