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Aura Dione Geronimo

You may recall last month we scribed about a splendiferous new song by the name of ’Geronimo’, by Danish singer Aura Dione. We raved about it. We loved it. But since then it’s been absolute torture, readers.


Because we haven’t been able to listen to the fucking thing!

It’s not yet up on iTunes or Spotify here in Sweden. And seemingly Universal Music Group have employed an extra set of hands, eyes, and ears, solely to stalk out YouTube on a 24 hour basis, and rip down the song any time someone dares to upload it. And there are A LOT of people still wanting to share it on YouTube. Every time we go on there, there is a new batch of clips listed fresh from that day. Most are unplayable, because the audio has already been removed. But if you visit at the right time, you might be lucky enough to catch one that has been uploaded in the last hour or so.

What a carry-on!

In fairness though, this does seem to be working – as anywhere where the song actually is available, it’s massive. It’s been a hit in her native Denmark, understandably. And it’s just gone to number 1 in Germany. And we fully expect it to be a huge hit worldwide in 2012. We really just want to listen to it though. But by all accounts, the video is arriving in the next few days. So all should be well in the world soon. We just hope that Universall don’t make it territory restricted online….

Anyway, our reason for writing about the song again wasn’t to have a moan, it’s because she performed it yesterday morning on breakfast TV – presumably in one of the few countries it’s available in. It’s a stripped back live performance, but not quite as sparse as an acoustic one thankfully. In fact, the main synth riff is actually still present, as is a lot of the charm of the studio recording.

Feast your ears on this;

(and Universal Music, if you remove this from YouTube too, we will FUME!)

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