Our new valentine!

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Incredible! We’re totally head over heels (or should that be the other way around) in love with a mysterious new song that’s being released in the UK next month. ‘My Lonely Valentine’ by Dandy Andy featuring Carmen Castro. We hadn’t heard of the artist before, but upon further investigation realised that the producers behind it are Danish – Kasper Winding of ‘Speechless’ by Mish Mash fame, and Thomas Blachman who’s been a staple behind the Danish music scene for years, and is currently a judge on the Danish version on X Factor. The Danish Dannii Minogue, if it helps!

The song itself is irresistable. We were hooked from the opening lines of the first verse, and had to listen to the whole thing again once it finished. And then again. The whole commercial electro music style has been done so many times over the last few years, that it’s becoming difficult to make the genre sound fresh. Listening to ‘My Lonely Valentine’ however, evoked the delight and excitement we first felt when electro music started getting off with pop music and being played on radio and then actually charting in the early noughties. It was the likes of Goldfrapp and Ladytron that first got us hooked on the sound, and then the even more commercial stylings of the second Rachel Stevens album. ‘My Lonely Valentine’ is equally as exciting, as it sounds like it’s three great electro songs mixed into one, and mastered by a major pop lover. The verses, the chorus, and the beautiful middle eight sound like they’ve been thrown together randomly on an episode of Come Dine With Me, and then shared out the £1,000 prize money by all going down to the Dalston Superstore and getting wasted together on a night out!

Lyrically, it’s just as amusing. A nonchalant Carmen is half lamenting, half delighting in the fact that she’s out on a night out on her lonesome. She sounds a like a self conscious Ke$ha, going through the motions of visiting her usual favourite haunts but not quite enjoying them like she thought she always did. But then carrying on until 5am nonetheless!


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