Norwegian starlet Gabrielle is back with a brand new single. It’s ‘#SitterHer’. And while the decision to include a hashtag in the title might be a load of old shit, the song most certainly isn’t.

It’s the second single from her forthcoming second album, after March’s ‘Regn Fra Blå Himmel‘. However, whereas that was dark and grimey, ‘#SitterHer’ (that hashtag is already irritating us – *sigh*) is bright and breezy. Ridiculously and infectiously joyous. Like, arms aloft, head swung back, lost in music kind of joyous.It’s the happiest she’s ever sounded. And it’s perfect for the last few weeks of summer ahead of us.

Best bit: when you think the first chorus is over, and then it launches right back into it straight away with twice as much energy. It’s blissful.

The single was released on Friday, just in Norway at present. But take a listen to the whole thing regardless;



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