Fresh Daisy!

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m bf5f2a28319143eebeceb4dc24839915One of our favourite new Swedish dance divas has uploaded a clip of her new song to myspace. Unfortunately it’s not dance. Fortunately it is actually very good indeed anyway! It’s an atmospheric ballad called ‘Lonely Hearts Lullaby’. Beautiful, dreamy, catchy. It grabs you instantly and carries you along effortlessly – but then cruelly stops before the second verse, as it’s only a clip! We’re very much looking forward to hearing the full version.

What also pleased us lots, is the fact that the charming voice that we heard on Daisy’s dance tracks, carries over to ballad territory too, and she sounds great on this new song. Meaning that her debut album, which we were already looking forward to an awful lot, is now one of our most anticipated albums of next year!

You can listen to it at her myspace;

And whilst you’re there you might as well check out ‘Everytime’ and ‘Goodbye Romeo’ again. ‘Tis the weekend after all.

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