Vinsten: ‘Luckiest Girl’ (Bassflow remake)

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‘Euphoria’s producer, Peter ‘Bassflow’ Boström, has just euphoriaried a Swedish sleeper hit and woken it the fuck up, with an almighty BANG.

The original has been quite a big deal over the past eight months or so. With even Ulrik Munther doing his own version of it. But typically, it takes a hands-in-the-air remix to get us excited about it – with those aforementioned hands-in-the-air dropping down only to occasionally unscrew the lid from the poppers bottle.

Credit to the original, this new version wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without the gorgeous songwriting that’s created the foundations (and which suddenly starts to make a lot more sense in this context – to us at least). And that songwriting, paired with Bassflow’s production, turns ‘Luckiest Girl’ into an exhilarating piece of dance music – perhaps Bassflow’s best work since ‘Euphoria’ itself.

This song is off its frigging tits, it really is. Just listen to it go off!

Marvellous stuff;

The Bassflow remake isn’t yet on UK iTunes, but the original and an acoustic version (hmmm) are;

Luckiest Girl - Single - Vinsten


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