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YLE of Finland has uploaded the 12 songs that will be competing to represent Finland at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. They’ve also announced the running order in which they’ll perform. There are three semi finals, with four songs competing in each one. The top two from each semi will go straight to the final on January 31st. The bottom two will go to the second chance round to take place a week before the final. You can listen to all 12 songs here;, but here are our opinions on the (surprisingly good) songs below.


1. Kwan – “10.000 light years”


This is a string laden pop song that sounds a bit like Max Martin, Cheiron, and Stargate did in the late nineties and early noughties. Some may call it dated, we call it nostalgic!!! There’s even a repetition bit at the end of the chorus; ‘’La la la lightyears’’! Very catchy song that gets better with each listen. We want to see this in the final!

2. Riika – “Meren”


‘Meren’ is a rather beautiful ballad. It’s got a very ethnic sound to it and a fair bit of warbling – it sounds a lot like the Lithuanian Eurovision entry in 1999, and we liked that a lot. There’s also a perfect key change at the end, which is just what you want from a Eurovision ballad.

3. Tapani Kansa – “Rakkautta on, rauhaa ei”


We shouldn’t really like this one (male rock vocal, ballad, guitars), but we really REALLY do. It’s quite epic, and a lot like Iceland’s Eurovision entry in 2007 – ‘Valentine Lost’ by Erikur Kaukson, but not as good, because that was amazing. There’s lots of strings, and a melancholic backing vocal.

4. Tiara – “Manala”


This is an odd one. It starts off like it’s going to be the Terasbatoni of the eighties, which sounds as awful as you’d expect. Then it becomes an amazing pop/r&b track with a female vocal and tremendous thud of a bass line. Then the really dull chorus kicks in, which is a let down after the verse. Thankfully there’s a second verse, but then the chorus comes back and we’re bored again.


Our choices for qualification:

Kwan and Riika. 


1. Sani – “Doctor, doctor”

YES!!!! An electro/dance/pop backing track. Ridiculous lyrics. Breathy vocals. A countdown that leads into the chorus, and teases us before the last chorus. An almighty key change. This is the best thing that Finland have EVER considered for Eurovision! This must go to Moscow. Lots of fun, and a melody that stays in your head.

2. Passionworks – “Surrender”


This is a bit more typical of the usual Finnish Eurovision output. It’s a sweeping heavy rock number with lots of loud guitars and a male/female duet. It sounds like three Eurovision 2007 songs mixed into one. The backing track of Finland, the melody of Estonia, and the vocal of Switzerland! Make of that what you will.

3. Remu – “Planeeta”


Not really our usual bag at all, but it’s an interesting sounding song and we like it.. Very ethnic, mixing lots of sounds together. For comparisons, look no further than Roger Pontare’s Eurovision entry foir Sweden in 2000 – ‘Spirits Are Calling My Name’.

4. Waldo’s People – “Lose control”


YES!!! Another dance beat. This sounds a lot like a typical E-Type song. It’s got a female vocal for the intro, bridge, and chorus, and then a male rapper for the verses. The backing track is jittering and wouldn’t sound out of place on a Clubland compilation in the UK. There’s no key change but there’s still a bit of audio dramatics before the last chorus. Brilliant.


Our choices for qualification:

Sani and Waldo’s People. But this is definitely the strongest round. 


1. Signmark – “Speakerbox”

Painfully bad.

2. Janita – “Martian”


This isn’t much better. Some sped up soul/jazz rubbish.

3. Vink – “The greatest plan”


Another substandard one unfortunately. It’ll sound pleasant to some, it plods along at a nice pace. But it’s too rocky for us.

4. Jari Sillanpaa – “Kirkas kapina”


Much better. An ethic ballad in the same vein as Riiki’s song from Semi 1. But a male vocal. This is quite beautiful, and sounds a lot like Slovenia’s Eurovision entry in 1998, ‘Zbudi Se’. Jari is quite a big name in Finland, so this should sail through to the final and may even win. There’s a glorious key change too!


Our choices for qualification: Jari Sillanpaa and Vink.


All in all, a very strong set of songs. With only the first three songs in Semi 3 that we wouldn’t like to hear again. We desperately want either Sani or Waldo’s People in Moscow! Come on Finland, you know it makes sound sense!

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