Finland & Iceland: The 1st Heat Results

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As reported here earlier in the week, Finland and Iceland each had their 1st Heat of their national competitions to see who will represent them at this year’s Eurovision.

Finland was on Friday. Predictably (and thankfully), Kwan have made it through to the final. Disappointingly, our other Heat 1 favourite, Riikka, didn’t qualify. Instead she’s made it through to the second chance round along with fellow non qualifier, Tiara. Tapani Kansa has made it directly to the final. It’s not a bad result we suppose; the Tapani Kansa track isn’t horrendous after all. But we hope that Riikka can progress from the second chance round and into the final.

Next week in Finland sees our two favourites compete in Heat 2 – Sani and Waldo’s People!

Iceland’s first Heat took place last night, and it was quite a surprising result. The competition had four (all very good) ballads; two in English and two in Icelandic. And it was the English songs (‘Is It True’ by Johanna Guorun Jonsdottir and ‘The Kiss We Never Kissed’ by Edgar Smari Atlason)┬áthat made it through to the final. Iceland doesn’t have a second chance round, so the bottom two songs have both been eliminated from the competition.

The Finnish and Icelandic finals take place on January 31st and February 14th respectively.

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