Faye: ‘Mad Dog’

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FayeMadDog e1348147644808

Faye of ‘Water Against The Rocks‘ notoriety has this week popped a new tune online for us to listen to.

It’s not her new single – that’s ‘Breathe Out’ and it’s coming in October. Instead it’s just a new song to tide us all over until then. And she clearly knew that we would all need tiding over after the amazingnessness of ‘Water Against The Rocks’ – parched for more.

‘Mad Dog’ is the new song in question, and HARK – it’s a free download, which can be nabbed from her Soundcloud page. It’s very much in the same vein as ‘Water Against The Rocks’ – a down-tempo and moody piece of electronica with a remarkable beauty to it. The dramatics have been toned down slightly, but that’s ok. It’s not a single after all.

We bloody love this Faye character;


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