Lenno: ‘Wake Up’

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We don’t really write about much dance music that’s purely dance music these days, as our tastes have more or less moved on from the majority of it. Or rather, the majority of what’s produced these days is too far removed from our tastes. We still like lots of the old stuff. Which might tell you something about new dance music. Or us. Or both.

ANYWAY! Every so often a gem of the genre comes along and we find ourselves surprisingly attached. And one such gem has just come out of Finland. It’s young producer chap Lenno, and his new single ‘Wake Up’.

This one legs it right up our street because it’s the most uplifting of uplifting house. And it probably helps that it’s one of those dance tunes that just somehow SOUNDS like summer, what with it being the season and all that. Shades of disco, shades of late 90s and early 00s dance floor sounds (there goes that older dance music thing we were on about above), and shades of French house.

‘Wake Up’;

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