EP: Peg Parnevik – ‘What They’ll Say About Us’

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What’s this? A brand-new EP from Swedish artist Peg Parnevik – ‘What They’ll Say About Us’.
What’s it like? It’s an EP with a theme – that theme unfotunately being Peg’s recent break-up, which played out rather publicly in the press and online. The result is some of the most brutally honest lyric writing you’ll hear put to record this year.
What’s on it? Two previously released singles – ‘Somewhere Without Me’ and ‘My Name’ – plus three new tracks and an outro which serves as the EP’s closing statement from Peg.
Highlights? Our fave track on there is ‘Golden’ – a euphoric pop tune despite its heavy lyrical content, and with a production that veers between ’80s radio staple and Avicii crowd pleaser. It’s not too late to push it as a single, Peg!
What does Peg say?People talk so much. There are different sides and then there is reality. Things will always be said and people will believe in ‘their truth’, even if they do not know the people involved. Now I just want to be transparent with what I feel. That’s the most important thing to me.

You can find ‘Golden’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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