EP: Molly Hammar – ‘God Is Lonely Too’

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(photo: Paulina Torbjörnsen)

What’s this? Molly Hammar is today out with her new EP – this is ‘God Is Lonely Too’.
What’s on it? Three previously released singles (‘Get To Know Me First’, ‘Alone’ and ‘Douchebag’) plus three brand-new tracks. One of those new tracks is also serving as the new single – ‘Friends’.
What are the new songs like? ‘Friends’ picks up where ‘Get To Know Me First’ left off, both in terms of its lyrics and the vibe of its impossible-not-to-groove-to production. ‘Sunset Conversations’ meanwhile is the very definition of a slow jam – laidback and luxuriating in its own seduction techniques. The EP closes with the epic powerballad ‘Loneliness’. It’s the finest showcase of Molly’s vocal that you’ll find on the EP (no small feat), and will no doubt go down as one of her greats in any retrospective of her career that’s worth its salt.
What does Molly say?I want the ‘God Is Lonely Too’ EP to be a friend when you’re feeling lonely. I want to remind people of the importance of accepting their loneliness and talk about it more frequently in different ways. There are different perspectives to being lonely, sometimes you love it and sometimes you hate it. I would have never been able to release this music with a major label in Sweden it’s so out there. I’m so happy to be doing the kind of music that I love.

You can find ‘Friends’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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