EP: Hedda Mae – ‘The Early Struggles of a Late Millenial’

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What’s this? The brand-new EP from Norwegian pop master Hedda Mae – ‘The Early Struggles of a Late Millenial’.
What’s it like? It’s a collection of five songs and an intro, each of which play out like a love letter to pop music from the late ’90s and early ’00s. Listening to it is like a carefully curated flashback to that era, with each song containing multiple opportunities to play a game of ‘spot the reference to an iconic radio hit from that time’. It’s creative in its exploration of its chosen theme, its reverential to the music it’s inspired by, and it will either be nostalgia-inducing or educational to the listener, depending on each individual who plays it. But either way – we heartily recommend that you do indeed play it.
What does Hedda say? “The past year I’ve been so inspired by the ’90s and ’00s aesthetics, but also the music. I’m super fascinated by all the toplines from then – they’re so amazing. So my goal with the EP was to try and recreate some of those toplines or the way of writing – but in a more modern package.
More from Hedda? This is the second in a planned trilogy of EPs from Hedda. Last October she released the first – ‘Introducing‘.

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