What’s this? One of our fave new artists of 2020 is out with her debut EP. From Norway, it’s Hedda Mae. It’s ‘Introducing: Hedda Mae’.
What’s on it? An intro and five bops.
Five bops?! Not a dud amongst them, and that’s that on that. Even the ballad is a bop.
Highlights? Our two fave tracks on here are the positively RAUCOUS ‘What Do You Want From Me’ and ‘Madness’. We actually think that Hedda should just keep releasing them until they become the enormous globe-straddling hits that they were clearly destined to be. That aforementioned ballad bop – ‘Carry On’ – is also a revelation. A funked up reincarnation of the slower style of song.

You can find ‘Madness’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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