Elisa’s: ‘Be Mig! Se Mig! Ge Mig!’

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Look at that for a song title! And it’s so good, Elisa’s are also using it as their new album title too.

The single is released on January 16th, and the album comes out on January 30th. And today, Elisa’s are giving Scandipop readers a preview of the song.

Sweden’s bestest dansband (oh what a claim to fame!) have already proved themselves more than capable of bashing out an original tune that’s knicker wettingly good. See ‘Linjen i Min Hand’ or ‘När Jag Vaknar Är Jag Hos Dig’ for starters, and there’s more where that came from. So we’ve got high hopes of cherry picking from this, their forthcoming third album. And lead single ‘Be Mig! Se Mig! Ge Mig!’ bodes well – it’s the best lead single they’ve had so far, for any of their albums.

Starting off a little too traditional dansband for our liking (although fair enough obviously, given that they are – y’know – an actual dansband) but soon giving way to a stellar chorus – one that transcends the dansband genre and steers into schalger pop, which is something we’ve come to love them for. A lot. Oh and yes – there’s a big key change at the end. Three albums in, and of course they’ve mastered the concept of knowing what we all want from them by now! This is catchy stuff.


[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Be-Mig-Se-Mig-Ge-Mig-Preview.mp3|titles=Be Mig! Se Mig! Ge Mig! Preview!]

‘Be Mig! Se Mig! Ge Mig!’ was written by Elisa’s own Elisa Lindström, along with Henrik Sethsson, and Thomas Berglund. And it’s released next Wednesday.


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