Elin Lanto – ‘Discotheque’: The Remixes

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The promo single of Elin Lanto‘s ‘Discotheque’ arrived on our desk this morning, and made the day’s demands on our ears all the more bearable! Released soon via AATW, it comes complete with 7 versions. Here they are;

  • Radio Edit
  • Extended Mix
  • Jonas Von Der Burg Edit
  • Victor Palmez Remix
  • Victor Palmez Edit
  • Clubstar Remix
  • Jorg Schmid Remix

The readio edit is still our absolute favourite – such is the perfection of the song. But we are enjoying the extended remix very much too. As for the remixes, the Jorg Schmid remix is the one that adds something to the song in the best way. It turns it into typical AATW fare, the kind of track that would sound most at home on a Clubland compilation. The Clubstar version does too, but a bit harder. The other two remixes are more subtle and less niche. But remixing such a good song was always going to be an impossible task. The video has recieved quite a lot of tv airplay in the UK – most of which has been on Clubland TV. It would be wonderful if it was to become a hit in the UK.

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