Malena Ernman: ‘I Det Fria’

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Malena 1

Malena Ernman returns on July 6th with a brand new album, ‘Opera Dei Fiori’. As the title suggests, it’s an OPERA album! But what about that popera music she dabbled in back in 2009 after the success of ‘La Voix’? Well, she’s well aware that she’s got a whole new following of loyal fans that are itching to hear more of the sort of gems that filled up disc one of that year’s ‘La Voix Du Nord’ album – so she’s also taken steps to make sure that they’re catered for too. Oh, we just LOVE an artist who knows what their fanbase wants, and gives them exactly that – and it’s all the more admirable when it’s an artist such as Malena, with a fanbase so fiercely divided in two.

So then, what has she given us?! Well, she’s gone right to the top, good on her, and re-recruited her old ‘La Voix’ chum, Fredrik Kempe to compose a track for her. Her husband and manager, Svante, has also been roped into proceedings, and the end result is ‘I Det Fria’. We haven’t heard the whole thing yet, just a minute long clip, which you yourself can listen to below. As clips go, it’s a hugely enjoyable listen, especially when she makes the transition into that final note! If we could compare it to anything, we’d call it a calmer version of ‘La Voix Du Nord’s ‘Min Plats På Jorden’. It sounds like it’s gonna be an utter beauty. So cheers for that Malena, your newer fans appreciate it;

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