Electric Lady Lab: ‘Taking Off’

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On Monday, Electric Lady Lab will premiere their brand new single ‘Taking Off’. But the darling duo are giving Scandipop readers an exclusive preview of it before then!

The song sees the band go in quite a different direction to what we’ve heard from them before. Whereas we’re used to them delivering a dark, icy, and cool brand of synth pop, ‘Taking Off’ is somewhat lighter, brighter, and dare we say it in relation to Electric Lady Lab……happy! Both sonically and lyrically.

The lyrics focus on the freedom felt when removing yourself from a negative situation – in this case, a relationship. And Stine sings of all of the positives ahead her now that she’s on her own again. The middle eight section in particular (actually, the song is so good, it’s got TWO middle eights) is rampant with joy, as she talks of how she’s gonna “shine, shine, shine so bright“, and that her “heartbeat is lifting me up“. Bearing in mind that this is the same songstress who we’ve seen utter the lyrics “I made you suffer, I caused you pain” with the slightest hint of a smile on her face, well it’s like listening to a reformed woman.

As for the production, well it’s still synth music – as this IS Electric Lady Lab, after all. But to match the bright text tone, they’ve turned their sound into something a lot more commercial, a lot more dance floor friendly, and a lot more – again – just happy.

If ever an omen was needed for the arrival of spring time, it’s that even Electric Lady Lab have lightened up!

And HERE you have the preview of the song;

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Taking-Off-preview.mp3|titles=Taking Off (preview)]

‘Taking Off’ is released in Denmark on Monday, and the video for the single will premiere on Monday too. Check back here then to have a look!


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