Scary Eyes to the Occasion!

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BWO have unleashed their new video! ‘Rise to the Occasion’ is the next single release in their native Sweden, to promote parent album, ‘Big Science’. It’s the third release from what’s been a funny old album campaign. ‘Big Science’ has arguably been their best album since their debut dropped five years ago. It’s also been home to what we think is their best song (‘Right Here, Right Now’) since their first single (‘Living In A Fantasy’). But as yet, it hasn’t achieved even a fraction of the commercial success that their previous albums have. ‘Right Here Right Now’ was itself the second single to be released from it, and couldn’t reach the top 20 in Sweden. And lead single, ‘You’re Not Alone’, could only peak at number 11 – following their fourth Melodifestivalen participation in five years. ‘You’re Not Alone’ competing this year, was perhaps one more participation too many, too soon according to fans and critics.

Regardless of any backlash that may be happening against them, and contrary to a drop in sales, BWO are without a doubt churning out the best music they have been in years. ‘Big Science’ is a wonderful album full of potential singles. And so we hope that ‘Rise to the Occasion’ won’t be the last single. Or indeed, the last video – we’re absolutely in love with the visual theme that’s been unfolding over their last few videos, artwork and photo shoots. They’ve fleeted from industrial to eerie, from sinister to mechanical, from post-apocalyptic to unearthly. And always spectral. ‘Rise to the Occasion’ has taken the theme to a new level, and it’s definitely one of their best. And actually, we couldn’t help but notice that in this video, all three of them are looking the best that they’ve looked in a very long time! Marina in particular is looking quite sexy now that she’s grown out that bowl hair style!

Here it is’

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