DQ de-frocks!

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ESC 2007 Denmark DQ Drama Queen (cropped)Oooh, let’s get a trifle CAMP shall we?!

Although ironically, it’s the product of someone trying to become much less camp. You will of course recall DQ, the drag queen who represented Denmark at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, with the schlager opus that is ‘Drama Queen’. Well, the man behind the lady, Peter Andersen, is finally stripping out of drag, and attempting to step into the limelight without the aid of those trusty stilettos.

A couple of weeks back, he released his first single outside of the DQ guise. It’s called ‘Indeni’ and it’s a saccharine overloaded serving of euro disco. It most certainly won’t be to everyone’s tastes. It sounds so cheap that it could well be the audio equivalent of that sort of jewellery that turns the skin under it a faint shade of green on a hot day. If you’re DQ though, you cultivate that as economical eye shadow! And so if you’ve enjoyed any of DQ’s previous material, then you should probably appreciate this. It’s got a chorus that passive aggressively begs to soundtrack gay dancefloors during Pride week. Although since it’s arrived a little too late for most of the European Pride festivals, it’ll probably have to make do with hairbrush lip synching in a couple of hundred bedrooms throughout Copenhagen – something we don’t imagine it would turn its nose up at anyway.

Below is ‘Indeni’, and it’s on iTunes worldwide now, along with its English translation, ‘High’.

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