A Religious experience

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It’s the new Gravitonas vid!

Visually it’s the head fuck you would hope and expect from a Gravitonas video. Especially for a single named ‘Religious’ – composed by a famously outspoken atheist. In it, Alexander Bard plays two parts – a therapist guiding a confused patient, and a new age deity out with his muse. Andreas portrays said patient and muse, and as with the last video and Gravitonas’ live performance at Love Stockholm earlier this summer, he’s an utterly striking presence. There’s one certain sequence where he excels in particular – his evil glare turned gurn turned growl from the 3:05 mark until the 3:10 mark is possibly the defining shot in the vid.

But our favourite scenes are two wonderfully twisted moments near the end. Firstly, as Alexander and Andreas are walking towards the sea, there is a moment when their hands almost touch and hold each other, only for them to turn away at the last second. And then there’s the part where we see why they’re walking towards and entering the water – Alexander in the incarnation of a priest baptises Andreas! Brilliant! Religiously so.

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