Disco Defenders

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Disco defenders

Swedish pop royalty Alcazar have finally announced details of their new album. We’ve been close to wetting ourselves in anticipation for this for quite some time now, even more so after we saw their NYE gig in London. And not only have they given us the cover and the tracklisting, they’ve also gone and scheduled it for release next week! Yes. Seriously – NEXT WEEK!

‘Disco Defenders’ will be released in Sweden on March 11th, three days before they compete in the final of Melodifestivalen 2009 at Globen Arena in Stockholm. It’ll contain the songs that we’ve all already heard, ‘We Keep On Rockin;, ‘Inhibitions’, ‘Burnin’, ‘Stay The Night’ and the cover of ‘Funky Town’ that they’ve been performing at their recent gigs. Also, it’ll be a 2 CD affair – the first CD is titled ‘Now’ and will contain the new album, and the second CD will be called ‘Then’, and will essentially be a greatest hits collection. They were scheduled to release a ’10 Years Of Alcazar’ compilation last year, but that was scrapped and this has obviously replaced it.

You can have a look at the track listing below. The new album features compositions from calibre such as Anders Hansson, Pet Shop Boys, Danny Saucedo, Figge Bostrom, Oscar Gorres, and Nicky Chinn amongst other.


  1. We Keep On Rockin’
  2. Burning
  3. Stay The Night
  4. From Brazil With Love
  5. Inhibitions
  6. Harlem Nights
  7. Baby
  8. Jump Straight Into The Fire
  9. My My Me and Mine
  10. Funkytown
  11. Put The Top Down
  12. Thank You
  13. Stay The Night (FL Club Mix)


  1. This Is The World We Live In
  2. Crying At The Discotheque
  3. Menage A Trois
  4. Sexual Guarantee
  5. Don’t You Want Me
  6. Start The Fire
  7. Shine On
  8. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
  9. Physical
  10. Ritmo Del Amor
  11. Alcastar
  12. Love Life
  13. Someday
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