Ola: ‘Maybe’

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Ola finally announced some news about brand new music today, via the usual social media platforms. New single ‘Maybe’ will be coming at the end of next week (in Sweden), written by himself along with Klas Åhlund, Alexander Kronlund and Kristofer Östergren.

He also confirmed that he has completed work on his new album (his fourth), and that ‘Maybe’ will be the lead single from it (so we’re taking that to mean that we can expect it soon too). You all know we love a new album from an artist of Ola’s caliber, but we are looking forward to his new one a lot more than usual, for a number of reasons. Firstly, because it’s been three years in the making – with more than a few artistic redirections and scrap-everything-and-let’s-start-from-scratch-again scenarios. He’s put a lot of thought, creativity, and work into this recording. Redefining what he wants to be as an artist many times along the way. And you have to remember that in the time since his last album, he’s watched as the likes of Eric Saade and Anton Ewald have exploded onto the scene, and in the case of Saade – actually surpassed him in terms of domestic success and popularity. Artistically, he’ll be wanting to align himself as far away from those two as possible (rightly or wrongly), and he’s been working with a lot of Swedish indie outfits during the creative process of making this new record. But at the same time, pop music is still his bread and butter. So it’s going to be very interesting to hear how he manages to balance it all out on the album. We reckon it’s going to sound incredible though. He has it in him. In spades.


For the last six months or so, Ola has found himself touring around Europe on the back of some enormous success that his previous single ‘I’m In Love’ has been achieving, most notably in Italy. As a result, he’s been playing a lot of festivals and shows. And in fact, he’s actually already performed new single ‘Maybe’ at a couple of them.

It’s a massive, anthemic, dancepop number. Anchored by an infectious synth riff, and a chanty chorus. You haven’t heard anything like this from any of your pop chaps before – and he knows it! Plus, it serves as precisely the excitement builder we were looking for, for this new album. With any justice, this will be huge. And based on what he’s been experiencing so far this year – it’ll be just that, and outside of Sweden too.

Here he is performing the song (and a few others) at two festivals this summer.

‘Maybe’, ‘All Over The World’ and ‘I’m In Love’ at Europe Plus Live

‘Maybe’ and ‘I’m In Love’ at Battiti Live


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