Johan Agebjörn: ‘The Last Day of Summer’

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johan agebjorn

Another week, another post about another cut from Johan Agebjörn’s splendiferous album, ‘Casablanca Nights’!

Previously, we’ve gone a bit mental over the Young Galaxy remix of ‘Watch The World Go By’, and then the Sally Shapiro title track from the album. Now it’s the turn of ‘The Last Day of Summer’, which is not only getting the single treatment, but also a video treatment, which you can see below.

The album and its tracks have been gathering an impressive amount of coverage on the high profile blogosphere over the last few weeks, with Popjustice, Pitchfork, and Arjanwrites all chiming in to sing the music’s praises, each championing different highlights. For us, the highlight is still the Young Galaxy remix of ‘Watch The World Go By’, but this new single is another bright spot on the album, and a sensible choice for a single. It’s a more cheery sort of synth-pop, possibly the most commercial point on the record. Johan was joined on production duties by Finnish favourite Ercola, and up and coming songstress, Queen of Hearts, provides vocal duties.

We asked Johan to tell us something about the song, so he told us the story behind it;

“I and Ercola met at a DJ set in Helsinki in 2009. At the time, I was already a big fan of his track “Follow Me” (feat. Annie) which I would put at #1 on my list of dance tracks of the 00s. So we started to collaborate on this track, but it took until about a year until we found the right singer. I stumbled across Queen Of Hearts track “Freestyle” and both I and Ercola decided she would be perfect for the track. So she finished the songwriting and recorded the vocals. I and Ercola went back to the studio re-inspired, hiring an electric bass player (Jotti Taival) for the final version. We haven’t met the queen in person though!”

Here’s the video. The Queen herself parading through fields and meadows and frolicking through flowers in a variety of frockage!

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