Danny Saucedo performed a New Years Eve concert in Poland at the weekend. The show was televised, and you can watch the performances below. On top of a setlist that included ‘Tokyo’, ‘Radio’, ‘Emely’, and new single ‘In Your Eyes’, Danny also premiered a brand new track, ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Melody wise, it’s very Danny, sounding like it could have been lifted from his last album. Musically though, it’s got a newer dimension to it than his previous stuff. There’s a synth and vocal riff running through the whole thing that’s insanely catchy, sort of similar to some of the dance music that American urban artists are releasing these days. We’re liking it! And hope that this EP he told us about a few weeks ago will be crammed full of similar sounding stuff.

Here are the performance from the NYE concert. Although the visuals are a tad irritating, as the sound is trailing behind the picture. Still, any visual with Danny Saucedo at the forefront gets our vote regardless!

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