Daniela & You & I

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One of our ‘Brightest New Hope for 2009’ nominees at the scandipop awards earlier this year, Daniela, is back with a second single. ‘You & I’ is the older sister of debut single ‘Push It Up’ – the one that stays later at the clubs and always ends up pulling the random guy! We loved ‘Push It Up’ but we do prefer ‘You & I’. It’s catchier for one thing, has wonderful bits of digitally forced vocal repetition sporadically placed throughout it, and the music is much more commercial and club friendly – it’s dance music with a poppier edge to it.

Like many Scandinavian artists, the waters are being tested in Poland before Daniela is launched in larger territories. The Poles absolutely love Eurodance. A friend of ours went to a New Years Eve concert there at the end of last year and said that everybody went crazy for the headline act Kate Ryan, but the venue pretty much emptied out once Leona Lewis, arguably the biggest new artist in the world last year, came on after her! Daniel’s first single ‘Push It Up’ was a big radio hit over there, so ‘You & I’ should hopefully follow suit.

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Then should come a release in her native Sweden. She’s even got a record deal in the UK – with Hard2Beat. However it’s unlikely that anything from her will be released in the UK this year – they’ve got September‘s album to concern themselves with first in mid summer, and then Gathania in early autumn. Daniela also shares the same management with the aforementioned scandidivas! When they do get around to releasing Daniela’s music in the UK though, we’d recommend that they launch with our favourite Daniela song, ‘Back On Track’!

You can listen to ‘You & I’ over at her myspace at www.myspace.com/danielaofficial. And, you can see the making of the video for ‘You & I’ below!

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