Daníel Óliver: ‘Superficial’

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Here comes a brand new pop song dressed up as a club track, all the way from Iceland.

It’s ‘Superficial’ by Daníel Óliver. And it sounds very ‘now’, we think. What that means is that it could easily be a track on the new Britney Spears album, now that she’s embraced her inner euro-poppet, like so many American popstars are thankfully doing of late. It’s a euro-synth production, with a nod to electro, and a super catchy chorus with one of those infectious “ay-ay-ay-ay, oh-oh-oh-oh” vocal riffs, that Ms Spears is also so currently fond of these days.

Best bits are the dance-strumental middle eight and then the final chorus in which he gets to frustrated with the protagonist’s superficiality, that he resorts to actual swearing.

Somewhat ridiculously, the label have disabled embedding of the youtube vid, so we can’t pop it into this article. But you can click on this link to have a listen. It’s worth it, trust us – although it took two listens for us to ‘get’ it.

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