How Does Creating Music Influence the Way That People Think?

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Music is a powerful tool that is used in all areas of society. From improving your mood while weaving through pedestrians in the grocery store to the way online casino games are made by the development team at mFortune Online CasinoMusic is all around us and it has some incredible abilities to change the way we think or feel. We all have a music preference but do we all understand the way it influences our thought patterns. Read on to learn more about this interesting phenomena.

Music Ignites Feelings

There is a reason why we listen to happy songs on holiday and sad songs after a breakup. The reason is because we want to relate to the music and adapt our mood to the songs. If you listen to sad songs on purpose, you start feeling a self-inflicted melancholy, while listening to happy songs can lift your mood. You can even find music to help you become more productive. Music is even being used by businesses such as airlines playing calming music to relax worried flyers or fast-food chain playing high-tempo music so you eat quickly, still feel hungry and buy more, while playing at

However, this information is not going to lower the jaws of many readers. It is rather well known that music influences our mood, namely mood music, but what does it do to our thoughts on the rest of the world?

Music and World Perception

The Psychology Department at the University of Groningen completed a study that looked into how music influences our perceptions of the worldThe overall result was that those involved in the study would see happy faces when listening to happy music and vice versa for sad music.

What they did exactly was they made subjects identify happy and sad faces while listening to happy and sad music. The subjects identified more happy smiley faces and sad smiley when they were listening to happy and sad music, respectively. However, this is not the biggest tell-tale sign that music influences the way we perceive the world.

When the participants of the study were listening to music and the researchers did not show them any happy or sad smiley faces, they believed they saw the smiley faces relating to the happy or sad song they were listening to. The concluding remarks by the researchers were that they believe the brain builds up an expecting reality of the world through the songs they were listening to.

So, Is it a Good Thing?

If music changes the way we feel and view the world, it raises a new question. Is this a good thing? If music can improve our mood, make us fly on planes with less stress and manage breakups well, there is no reason why it cannot be classed as a beneficial finding. However, it may also worsen anxiety, depression and have some negative consequences. This may be something to consider before you choose your next playlist.

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