Famous musicians who love to gamble

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What excitement to spin roulette wheels. Strategy in blackjack games. The sound of coins hitting the slot machine as you land a jackpot. Have any of your favourite games ever made their way onto our site? People from many backgrounds have embraced playing casino games – especially celebrities! Many significant music figures have played at least two rounds of poker and roulette.

Most famous music stars enjoy gambling, whether playing poker or spinning slot machines. Everyone indeed wants to gamble, and it’s fun. The American Gambling Association reported that four out of 10 adults visited casinos last year. Many famous artists like gambling but don’t mind the lottery. Lotteries are not as exciting as nya casino, with new casino games and amazing bonuses, you’re bound to fall in love with igaming.

Lady Gaga

The Legends saw poker playing in an office. She enjoys playing every popular casino game on Earth. The best-loved song on Gaga’s albums is “Poker-face”. The album was widely praised and was sold in 2009. Several metaphors are used for the games depending on where you read the song. A songwriter is attempting to attack his lover. She wouldn’t have created the piece without her obsession with gambling; Gaga has popularized the hobby. It also motivates celebrities to do something extraordinary. The above tracks are songs forgotten over time, and many admirers still listen to them years later.


A recent report said that the Queen of Pop had won two awards during SuperEnaLotto 2012. During the World Tour of ’07, she bought 125 tickets and scooped a prize of about €160,000 (about €134,000). The money she earned was used for a school building in Malawi, the country in which she adopted her children. Madonna plays Super EnaLotto, an Italian lottery and Italy have a strong connection with her grandparents. Because ticket prices don’t exist in the USA, he has to play the lottery online through messengers, who purchase tickets and deliver them to the player.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight is known as the Empress of Soul. The singer began singing regularly in church choirs during the 1950s. She has won six Grammy Awards for hits she released alongside the group’s Pips. She won 22 nomination awards. In the early 1980s, she started experimenting with the casino game in Vegas. Gladys said she started playing casino games because she didn’t do anything during her show. A friend introduces her to blackjack was the first step to the beginning of the whole journey. The stakes were small initially but slowly increased with her addiction increasing, on sites such as oddsbonusser.org.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was the most popular musical artist worldwide, selling over 150 million albums worldwide. He has a reputation in entertainment and has been in touch with several other sectors, such as gambling. The ol ‘Blue Eyes theme became popular in casinos throughout the world. He is said to bring musicals and gaming together in Las Vegas. When he is available, he plays casino with his friends and colleagues. One of the city’s most outstanding singers was regularly at casino games during the years when the city of sin became regarded as the playground of the wealthy elite.

Harry Styles

Harry Style is not only a talented singer and modern sexual symbol but has also been featured in the list of famous musicians that enjoy gambling. The former teen singer from “A Direction” was fascinated with casinos at a very young age. He was withdrawn from online casinos at age 17 as the musician was not legally allowed at 20. He enjoys blackjack primarily. Harry Styles attends traditional online casinos only for fun. He decided that he was relaxing during the concert experience. The singer doesn’t want a lousy blackjack game but harmonically blends music with it.

Justin Bieber

The singer, songwriter and actor of Canada gained fame early on. Justin Bieber never missed a chance to play and is frequently seen in various places by paparazzi to bet a bit (typically Texas and London). The man loves playing in the mornings with people at Leicester Square Casino. He’ll spend 200 pounds on a visit. The gamble is Bieber’s way of relaxing between the performances; his main goal is playing for entertainment. Not for cash. It’s the perfect opportunity for people interested in watching the stars. And enjoy courtesy of the famous casino gamers.


The Grammy winner and Grammy-winning musician demonstrate his skills as a gambler. The actor has not missed a poker tournament. He often travels to games like Pokerstar, Poker Tour Europe, and Pokerstars. He frequently teaches online casino skills for success. It can be done quickly in a Casino Classic. The game is suitable for stars as well as regular players. Gaming has become an enjoyable hobby, travelled extensively and done both concerts and poker. Nelly was a significant tournament player during the World Series of Poker 2008.

Jay Z

Jay Z is considered one of the greatest Hip-Hop artists. With almost 125m albums sold, he ranks among the most popular songs—a success he surpassed with 24 Grammys. Jay Z is a rumoured professional gambler, and poker is his favourite game. He usually plays in a private setting but has reportedly been seen on high-stakes tables at casinos. He said he lost more than 500,000 on the same hands at Las Vegas poker tournaments.

Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ or ‘P Diddy’ Combs

P Diddy is primarily famous for rapping and producers for top artists, including Notorious BIG and Usher. Blackjack has always been his preferred gaming game. Not only does he visit Las Vegas, and rumour has it, he has also asked for a blackjack table set up backstage when he is touring. In 2002 he was brought to the Atlantic City Harrah’s Casino for an upgrade that included new luxury blackjack tables. Of course, he didn’t just do the magic at the show – he was even the first to challenge the dealer at the newly created table.

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