Christopher: ‘Mine, Mine, Mine’

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Our new favourite rosy cheeked Danish pop chap has just released the video for the third single off of his debut album.

It’s ‘Mine, Mine, Mine’ by Christopher. Following the if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it mold of his two previous singles ‘Nothing In Common‘ and ‘Against The Odds‘, it’s a mid-tempo and melodic little jaunt that’s veritably RIPE for an advert sync of some sort. As Christopher himself sings in it, “running away with me can’t be wrong, here’s another simple tune for you to sing along to, do-do-do-do…….do-do-do-do“. Well yes, Christopher. Quite.

The video was shot in a sunny LA, which put an extra warm red blush onto his already flushed cheeks. And we don’t wish to cause any alarm, but he DOES actually go so far as to remove his shirt in this video. There may have been a six-pack involved, but the sunshine was reflecting too brightly off of his pert pectorals for us to see clearly enough. Oh well.

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