Isac Elliot: ‘New Way Home’

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The day is still young, but we’ve already had two recommendations (courtesy of @mikafilm and @josepvinaixa on Twitter) to listen to this brand new song that was released today in Finland. We listened, we loved, and now we’re imploring you to do the same.

It’s ‘New Way Home’, the debut single from 12 year old popstar Isac Elliot. An Avicii-lite production and a corking melody provides the basis for what is truly a brilliant and well crafted pop song. The lyrics are a teensy bit ridiculous to be coming from a 12 year old, but then that was always gonna be the case really. So long as you can suspend disbelief, you should enjoy this for what it is. Amazing.

If you liked Jedward’s ‘Luminous’, then you will probably love ‘New Way Home’ too. They’re quite similar. Or if you never actually got round to listening to ‘Luminous’ – just because it was by Jedward – learn the error of your ways and don’t make the same mistake twice, depriving yourself of another pop masterpiece.

As yet, the single is only available to buy in Finland. But a lyric video was released today, so you can listen to the song here;

New Way Home - Single - Isac Elliot


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