Christopher: Call Your Girlfriend’

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Danish pop squire Christopher has just released his very own version of Robyn’s seminal (oh yes it is, pop purists) ‘Call Your Girlfriend’.

The boy with the impossibly rosy cheeks first performed it for some online content at the end of last year. But it’s been so popular that he’s put it on his ‘Colours’ album as a bonus track. Normally quaint cover versions aren’t really anything news worthy, but this is most definitely ‘of note’ for three reasons: 1. it’s Christopher, 2. it’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, and 3. it’s very good.

Did you know we actually met Christopher a couple of months ago, and he was just as shy and softly spoken as you would expect him to be.

‘Call Your Girlfriend’ doesn’t appear to have been released on iTunes. Yet. But maybe we’re just not looking hard enough. It is however, on Spotify, so perhaps it’s a Spotify exclusive, which makes it even more of an extra special bonus track. Maybe it’s on the CD though.

Anyway. Acoustic performance and studio version below – take your pick. Or just have both. At the same time;


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