Christmas Class(ic)

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Tis the season of classic Christmas songs being played non stop on radio, in shops, and on television. Some very good, some very bad, but all very grating after a couple of weeks! How many more times can ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ by Mariah Carey climb back into the top 10? It’s an undeniably brilliant song obviously, but surely the world is fast running out of people that don’t already own it! We do have our own festive favourites that we never tire of; ‘Have A Cheeky Christmas’ by The Cheeky Girls, ‘Christmas In Lollyworld’ by Lolly, and ‘I’d Like To Give You One For Christmas’ by Hotpantz. But there is a thoroughly modern Christmas classic that we’ve been hammering since we officially started Christmas in our head on November 30th (it always starts with the first mince pie of the season!) – and it’s Scandinavian of course. ‘Another Winter Night’ by Sanna, Shirley and Sonja!

Has a song ever evoked such clear and prominent imagery of Christmas nights in? Every lyric in the verses paint the perfect picture of freezing cold winter nights when you’re snuggled up all warm indoors. You can practically smell the mulled wine! It goes a bit ‘All By Myself’ in the chorus but we quite like that about it too. It turns what you thought was a celebration of winter nights, into a lament about how cruel they can be. AND it’s got bells on! Sanna, Shirley, and Sonja – we salute you for making one of the best Christmas songs of all time. It’s very new, but we hope that it ends up being thought of as a classic in future years. Shirley, we salute you in particular – we haven’t forgotten your version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’! And never will.

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