How to Choose the Perfect Music for Your Casino

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Casino owners want to attract gamblers and they want them to stay for as long as possible. Setting the right environment is crucial and both decor and music play a huge part in that. Even if players are not particularly interested in music, their subconscious will be at ease when pleasant music fills the background. 

So, what type of music should you choose for your brick and mortar casinos, and should there be background music at online casino sites? We are looking into this topic with the help of Finnish iGaming expert Auli Wälkky. Read more about Auli here

Music in online casinos

Those who have never played online may not know what to expect when they launch an online casino site. Indeed, most online casinos will not have any background music on their landing pages. Once you open a slot game, there will, of course, be music playing but that is specific to the game so if you open a Manga style game it will be oriental music while some dark-themed games may have heavy metal or something else that suits the theme. 

Most casino games can be tried out in demo mode so you can test them without having to commit, such as In many cases, you can even find a bonus ilman talletusta on casino sites that accept players from Finland so there is no reason not to give these exciting games a go!

Brick and mortar casino music

Land based casinos want to attract all ages and genders so generally, they will not play pop music, heavy metal, R&B, or anything else that will only please people who are into that particular genre. Also, songs that convey a political or religious message are a big no-no as they could easily distract some people. 

In general, most casinos (and hotels and upscale restaurants on that note) play lounge music. This genre is easy to listen to and it is very rare for anyone to dislike this type of music. Lounge music was originally derived from jazz, and it often combines elements from Latina American, French, or Polynesian music. Usually, there are little or no vocal elements to lounge music. It can be totally instrumental but nowadays, there are electronic versions of the genre as well, in which case it is called chill-out. 

Finnish gamblers might like heavy metal, but it absolutely doesn’t suit a casino environment. Lounge music is never too fast as its purpose is to create a relaxed environment and not to make people rushed or agitated. You will need time for concentration and consideration when you are playing poker hands. Research has found that if the music is too fast, people will stay less time at the card tables. 

Casino background music should not be too loud as people may want to have conversations around the cards or roulette table. It should not muffle casino sounds either. Think about how it makes you feel when you hear the bells and rings of slot machines signalling a big win! Casinos surely want other patrons to hear that. 

Pop music with big hits might seem an obvious choice as most people like these familiar songs, however, you will not want to encourage people to sing along and start enjoying the music more than the gambling. If the music cheers them up too much, they may very well decide to visit a nightclub instead and leave your premises. 

Music at casino events

The casino theme is a trendy theme nowadays for company parties and upscale private parties alike. In cases like this, when the point of the party is for everybody to have fun, you can spice up the event with casino theme music. Play songs from the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop). 

  • Ain’t That A Kick in the Head – Dean Martin
  • Volare – Dean Martin
  • Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra
  • Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra
  • That’s Life – Frank Sinatra

You could even hire a casino music band who will surely know what sort of songs will suit the casino party!


The right background music is very important in a casino. You will want to choose lounge music that generally everybody likes, is not distracting, and has a perfect pace. 


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