Music Promotion for pop Indie Artists in 2024

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Getting your music heard and exposing it to new fans is not an easy task and takes time and effort. 

In this article, we will explain some important ways for artists to promote music and get their pop music heard in today’s music industry. 

Let’s go deep into it.

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Spotify Playlist Submission

Getting your music on Spotify playlists with well-known artists can help more people hear your music and tune in to your music. In any case, it’s not simple to get on playlists with over 100K tracks being transferred to Spotify each day.

Here is a little brief information about the diverse sorts of playlists on Spotify:

Editorial Playlists – 

Spotify’s group of music specialists makes playlists for diverse sorts of music to if you don’t mind everyone’s ears. These playlists are made by individuals and have topics like distinctive sorts of music (pop, country), how the music makes you feel (calm, relaxed), what you’ll be able to do while tuning in (work out, dinner), and music from diverse times (90s, 00s). Editorial playlists make it simple for individuals to discover music that suits their temperament or action.

Algorithmic Playlists – 

Advanced algorithms generate personalized playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar. These playlists learn from each user’s listening preferences and update with new songs each week. The algorithms match tracks to each user’s musical taste, providing a customized listening experience.

User Playlists – 

Spotify users, usually people who are not connected with any company,  can create their own playlists by selecting any songs from Spotify’s extensive catalog. They can share their playlists publicly or keep them private. Making collaborative playlists is also popular with groups of friends or couples. User playlists allow people to precisely organize music for any mood, event, or activity.

With human experts, advanced algorithms, and custom user playlists, Spotify offers an incredibly diverse set of playlists, so every listener can find the perfect soundtrack for any moment or need.

Here are some tips to get your music on Spotify playlists and expose your new tracks to new listeners. 

  • Make sure to finish your Spotify artist profile by adding a picture, biography, and links. Please present the information in a formal and business-like manner.
  • Find Spotify playlists that match your song’s style and contact the curators who make the playlists.
    Do your own research and contact playlist curators within your music genre. Make sure the playlists you are contacting are legit and not bot-based playlists. 
  • Send them an email explaining why your music would be perfect for them. 
  • Kindly check in if you don’t receive a response. Keep trying politely; sometimes a follow-up email really works. 
  • Use a music promotion service like One Submit to deliver your song to Spotify playlist curators, TikTok influencers, YouTube music channels, and blogs. 

It’s not foolproof, but thoughtful personalized pitching does get noticed by Spotify curators. So put in the work and aim for multiple relevant playlists to increase your odds. Find out more about Spotify playlist submission.
Also, you can check out the Best Spotify promotion services out there. 

Spotify Per Stream Rate

So how much does Spotify actually pay per stream in 2024? Brace yourself…it’s still around $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. I know, it sucks! But while the rate is super low, Spotify’s reach is really high. 

Here’s some ballpark math on Spotify stream revenue:

– 100,000 streams = $300 to $500

– 500,000 streams = $1,500 to $2,500 

– 1 million streams = $3,000 to $5,000

So you need lots of streams before the small individual payments start adding up. But get your music in front of Spotify’s hundreds of millions of listeners and those streams can turn into real money. Slowly but surely!

Find out  more about how much does Spotify pay per stream 

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TikTok Music Promotion 

TikTok is one of the top places to find and share new music. The most important thing is to make fun and interesting TikTok videos with your songs. Use things like hooks, examples, special effects, popular internet trends, and more. Create videos that people enjoy watching and want to share with others.

Here’s the scoop on the crazy popular video app TikTok:

– Over 1 billion people are on TikTok every month. Yeah, you heard that right – over a billion! It’s blowing up big time.

– This app has been downloaded over 3 billion times so far. 

– For downloads, India is all about TikTok – with 611 million so far. China’s in second place with 196 million.

– Get this – around 90% of users are on TikTok multiple times a day!

– The average user spends about 52 minutes a day.

– Most of the fans are teenagers between 16 and 24 years old. But oldies like their TikTok time too.

– You can find TikTok in more than 150 countries, in 75 different languages. 

– Peeps posted over 1 billion – yes billion – TikTok videos in just December 2021. That’s a lot of content!

– People love comedy, dance, food, animals, and challenge videos the most. But you’ll find everything there.

– Last year, over 150 big brands worked with TikTok on ad campaigns. 

– Experts estimate TikTok made over $11 billion in ad money in 2021. More than double the year before!

– Over 30 TikTok stars now have more than 50 million followers. Charli D’Amelio has over 130 million fans! 


Some tips for artists:

– Use trending sounds/challenges to tap into what’s hot.

– Post consistently – multiple videos per week is best.

– Engage with your audience – duet, comment, like, etc. 

– Use strategic hashtags so you appear in searches.

– Cross-promote your TikTok videos everywhere.

– Collaborate with other artists for combined fanbases.

– Watch your analytics to optimize what works.

TikTok music promotion can be time consuming, but it’s one of the most powerful ways for indie artists to gain new fans today. A single viral TikTok video can lead to insane streaming and sales numbers overnight!

Submitting Music to Blogs

Music blogs may seem old school, but they can still be great for finding new indie fans who truly appreciate the art. But mass email blasts to blogs are useless – personalized pitches are key. Here’s how to get blogs to cover your music:

– Research blogs focused on your genre/style of music.

– Listen to the blogs and get a feel for their taste and coverage style. 

– Send a short personalized email explaining what makes your music special and worth covering. 

– Reference other artists they’ve posted that your music is similar to. Shows you get their vibe.

– Follow up if there is no response after 2 weeks. Be polite

– Offer an exclusive premiere, interview, guest post, etc. Sweeten the deal.

– Build an ongoing relationship by sharing their articles on social media, thanking writers, etc.

It takes effort, but blogger reviews can really boost credibility and help drive new independent fans to your music. So put in the time to identify and pitch relevant niche blogs.

The Bottom Line

Promoting your music as an indie musician is a grind. But using a mix of new school strategies like Spotify and TikTok along with old school tactics like blogger outreach, you can make progress. Nothing is guaranteed, but putting your music and artist personality out there consistently in creative ways will help you find your ideal listeners. Believe in your art, engage your fans, collaborate with similar artists, and your music will get the ears it deserves. 

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