Charlotte Qvale: ‘Kiss The Girls’

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Norwegian songstress, Charlotte Qvale, this week unveiled a new song of hers for all to have a listen to. It’s called ‘Kiss The Girls’ and is a wistful piece about love, with gorgeous strings aplenty, and an upliftingly sweet chorus.

Although it wasn’t quite love at first sight – or appreciation on first listen, in this case. After the introductory play, we left it, not really thinking much about it. But as we went about doing other things, we found that its chorus had become stuck incessantly in our head! It wouldn’t stop playing. So we went back for a second listen. It was more enjoyable that time around. We left it again, and the chorus stayed with us even more stubbornly than the previous time. So we went back and listened a third time and totally fell in love with it!

A fantastic reward for giving a song a second chance, and a lesson in giving something at least a tiny bit of time to settle in.

‘Kiss The Girls’ was given its gorgeous production by Charlotte’s fellow Norwegian Thomas Eriksen – who we love for his previous work on music by The Saturdays, Rachel Stevens, Tome Damli, and this year’s amazing pop tune from Elizabeth Carew – ‘You’ll Never Love Me‘.

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