A Miracle has arrived!

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Linda ‘You’re Making Me HOT HOT HOT’ Pritchard is BACK BACK BACK with a poptastic new single! She’s been performing it at various gigs around Sweden for the last few months, including at Sommarkrysset. But you can now listen to the studio version below.

We like this song a LOT LOT LOT. The chorus is catchy beyond belief thanks to her using that old REP-REP-REPetition trick! ‘’You gotta give give everything you got’’ opens the chorus and is the song’s best melody. But it’s laden with great melodies throught. And there’s another bit of repetition at the end of the chorus too, when she sings the song title in various different ways.

Musically, we didn’t quite know what to expect from Linda. Her three most prolific songs before this were all very different from each other. ‘You’re Making Me Hot Hot Hot’ was faux-Mediterranean schlager, ‘Glorious’ was a gorgeous string laden ballad, and ‘Fast Car’ was a Tracy Chapman cover! But we’ve been pleased to hear her come back with such a strong song. ‘Miracle’ is pure pop, sounding like a cross between Rebound’s ‘Hurricane’ and Linda & Velvet’s ‘Victorious’ – with the tempo more than halved on both of them. We think it does anyway!

Have a listen.

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